To be looking at such an article, you should either be a student or a responsible professor. If you are the latter, you need to understand the problems of the pupils and act accordingly. On the other hand, if you are a student, never hesitate to ask your teacher for help. Writing assignments are always quite challenging if you need to research the topic and derive ideas from various locations. Even with the simplest tasks, completion isn’t as easy as falling into a slumber. Here are some of the most common issues faced by students while writing assignments.

Reference Assignment

1.      References for the Assignment

The most difficult part for students when writing an assignment is referencing, where they will have to derive ideas from the various styles available. Since each type has a unique format, learning each of them before writing the assignment can be quite a big task. Students have now started adding references from their native country, without researching the foreign applications and studies. The students cannot be blamed for this because finding references is so hectic.

2.      Weak Structure

Professors will always expect a certain structure to the assignments, and for as long as the students don’t follow that pattern, the assignments will remain unapproved. This will also include a thesis statement, which is a crucial part of an assignment. Gather all the relevant information and ask your professor for help if you cannot find the components to make a strong structure.

3.      Improper Introduction

Having the first page of the assignment filled with trivial content will most likely be censured if the professor reads it. Since academic studies are almost always perused by the professors to point out irrelevant data, you must construct a proper introduction. A sloppy first page indicates an impending disaster, even when it isn’t one. So, find a way to create the best introduction for the assignment.


4.      Plagiarism

Another major issue most students face is plagiarism, which is a form of rehashing or copy-pasting the contents from a different journal. This usually occurs due to the students’ unawareness of what needs to be quoted as it is what not to be. They might also have not been subject to stringent plagiarism rules in their native countries, making this an entirely new concept in their academic life. The command over English is also another major reason for the students to copy content from other journals. Temptations to write plagiarised assignments happen more often when students procrastinate and do it at the last minute. If you cannot complete it on time, assignment writing services are available online to help you out. Try doing it yourself; if the time constraints are too tight, you can always rely on such services.

5.      Lacking Subject Knowledge

Even when you are good with language or reference, if you haven’t got enough understanding of the subject, the assignment may look erratic. Students most often find it difficult to learn topics taught at universities when they focus more on part-time jobs and have no time to study. It could also happen when they don’t have reference books or note down adequate points during lectures.