In Spanish:

Top 100 Educational Innovations (2014), is a compilation of innovative educational projects systematized by Fundación Telefónica around the world.

Travel to the future of education (2012), is an ebook with hyperlinks prepared by CIPPEC for educational planners.

20 educational keys for 2020 (2013), prospective look of Fundación Telefónica, in ebook format with videos and hypertexts.

Technological Perspectives in Higher Education (2013), is the Ibero-American version of the Horizon Report, prepared by the New Media Consortium for the period 2013-2018.

In English:

Horizon Report (2014) is an annual publication (one for basic education, the one highlighted here, and another for higher education) conducted by the New Media Consortium . Anticipates the development of future technologies in the educational field and predicts their impact in the next five years.

Innovative Learning Enviroments (2013), study of new educational models of the Center for Research and Educational Innovation of the OECD .

Oceans of Innovation (2012) is a journey through the great transformations anticipated by the Pacific region for the future of education, developed by Pearson , under the guidance of Michael Barber.

Innovating Pedagogy (2013), is an annual report of the Open University on major trends in educational innovation using new technologies around the world.

Decoding Learning: The Proof, Promise and Potential of Digital Education (2012), is a report prepared by NESTA that summarizes the great changes brought by digital education.

Expanding evidence approaches for learning in a digital world (2013) is a report from the US Department of Education on trends in digital education, cases and recommendations.

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