Learning and student retention redefined

Even though 21st century society requires higher schooling and learning levels, about 4 out of 10 Latin-American students don’t graduate from high school.

The high school dropout is more than just an education problem, and it brings with it a set of social and economic challenges that affect society.

The traditional educational paradigm is being challenged. The need for change is emphasized by the double effect brought upon the lack of results, which include low levels of learning and school dropout, and the opportunities offered by new technologies.

The application of these technologies will make it possible to redefine the meaning of learning and of school retention.

The trends revealed by the emerging paradigm are already appearing on new solutions in the world, as well as in Latin America.

In addition to generating awareness about the dropout crisis and seek its causes, Graduate XXI focuses on the major trends and solutions.

These can be tools, experiences or systems that attract and inspire every stakeholder of the education ecosystem in order to connect and generate new ideas that have repercussions on the dropout crisis.

Graduate XXI is based on the following principles:

  • There is an urgency caused by the high dropout rates that have not been addressed and are impacting every level in society.
  • These changes, as well as the emerging innovations are coming from individuals and system users, not just policy makers.
  • The goal is to find more people and ideas that can be awoken by applying creativity and new solutions that generate innovation and therefore, a multiplier and truly transforming effect.
  • It’s necessary to take a step forward and be ahead of the solutions, as well as building awareness and a diagnosis on the situation.
  • Major trends and technology are generating important changes that must be taken as advantage to address such urgency.
  • We refer to educational innovations as solutions that are built on a foundation of initiatives already implemented but that have an added value.

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