Big data has become an important part of all kinds of industries in the last few years. The applications of big data is predicted to generate a revenue of 103 billion dollars by 2025. Due to its highly secured yet easy to access database, it has become the crucial element in business analytics as future decisions of any industry. Due to its voluminous field of information, every industry that you name is benefitting from it in one way or the other. Here are the biggest real-time applications of big-data in various industries around the world.


The importance of big data in healthcare can be easily explained as, the access to any information on the diseases which are spreading around the world in real-time. The data generated using big data at first was not accurate and lacked the ability to standardize and consolidate data. But with new data analysis and websites, the healthcare industry is able to personalize medicines and prescriptions. Researchers are mining data with surveys and even trying to find out the spread of flu over an area. It has also proven to help in the diagnosis of illnesses, identifying side effects, and in reducing the cost according to the demands.


There are several benefits of using big data in the manufacturing industry. It is currently the biggest industry using big data for its projects. Some of the applications of big data tasks in manufacturing industries include building product quality and tracking the defects with online surveys and reviews. It is also helping in planning and tracking the supply channels. Big data is used even at the beginning of each manufacturing project to track any defects in the product. It is also helpful in increasing energy efficiency in the manufacturing and transportation processes. Today the technology has evolved in new ways to test and simulate new manufacturing processes.


Even the entertainment industry is getting benefitted with big data in various ways. It is coming up with new business models which is helping them in new ways to create, market, and distribute their content. Today the media and entertainment is available on each and every screen device. It is easily accessible but still difficult to steal the content.  Big data offers the taste and interests of people around the world which helps the media to tailor their content to create mass appeal. This is done with the help of different data-mining activities. Big data helps the entertainment industry in several ways. It can predict the demands of the audience. It can target the right people with advertisements to receive potential consumers. It can monetize the content and create new ways to generate revenue.